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CA Pops Big Band Tribute 2015

March 29th, 2015
"Swing Time!"

Pops' Tribute to the Big Bands 30's, 40's and beyond.

CAPops March 29th, 2015 Press Release -
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CAPops March 29th, 2015 Calendar Listing -
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The Pops 2014-2015 Season

CAPops 2014-2015 Season Press Release in PDF format (672kb)

CPO 2014-2015 Season Feature Press Release in text format (4k)

Hi-Resolution Photos (300dpi) & Guest Bio Downloads:

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Conductor Kim Venaas (1.1mb)

Sec2 - Left Kim Venaas, Pops Conductor Holiday California Pops Conductor Kim Venaas Welcomes audience and introduces the orchestra

Concert Master Julian Brown

Special Guests March 29th
: The Black Tie Jazz Big Band (1.2mb)

California Pops Trumpets #1 left to right (1.1mb):
Dean Boysen, Bob Runnels & Noel Weidkamp

Cal Pops Trumpet #2

California Pops Woodwinds 2mb Tim Price, Lloyd Connors, Lianne Araki, Julianne Stafford, Amy Duxbury

California Pops Trombones: (below, left to right)
Billy Robinson, Jon Schermer & Mike Basta 1.5mb

Cal Pops Trumpet Section- (below, left to right):
Dean Boysen, Bob Runnels & Noel Weidkamp 2.39mb

The California POPS Orchestra

Cal Pops Viola Section 1.70mb

Cal Pops Carlos Almeida 1.60mb

Lead Saxophonist
Tim Price 2.59mb

First Violinist
Paul Woodruff 1.51mb

Sax duet by Tim Price &
Lisa Marie Baratta 2.32mb

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