Support Your California Pops Orchestra!

Donate with your Heart

Becoming a donor is a very important step in helping the Pops continue to delight you, your friends and others in the Bay Area who share your obvious good taste in musical entertainment!

In all seriousness, we can't do this without you - either in the audience or as a financial supporter of the Pops. Every donation, large and small is critical to getting the shows on the stage, preserving this wonderful music and finding new music we know you'll enjoy.

Donate Online Now

For over 26 years the California Pops has done the near impossible - presented fun, affordable, family-friendly shows year after year. This is remarkable but as your Pops Orchestra grows tax-deductible donor gifts become far more important.

Through the steadfast contributions of gifts large and small the California Pops Orchestra and our wonderful audience can look forward to a bright future. Donate now and discover the pride of being an integral part of the California Pops.

Other Ways to Make a Gift

Donate by mail:

Please make checks out to "California Pops Orchestra" and mail to:

California Pops Orchestra
3790 El Camino Real, Mailstop 341
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Donate by phone:

With your Visa or MasterCard you can donate by calling - (650) 856-8432

$10,000+ Founding Members Club
$5,000 Conductors Club
$2,500 Broadway
$1,000 Hollywood Stars
$500 Gershwin Circle
$250 Club Jazz
To $100 Light Classics Circle

For donations of $1,000 and above you will receive an invitation for you and a guest to attend one dress rehearsal so you can "look behind the scenes" and see how Kim and the gang put it all together. These rehearsals are remarkably similar to the shows with lots of fun, banter and great music!

Additionally, starting this year donors of $1,000 and above will receive The California Pops Yearbook, a professionally prepared and produced book with lots of Sam Hue's great photos of the shows, stories from behind the scenes and all the jokes from that season's shows! This is a new venture for the Pops and a wonderful reminder of all the good times we have together!

Make your tax-deductible donation to:

California Pops Orchestra
3790 El Camino Real, Mail Suite 341
Palo Alto, CA 94306

The California Pops Orchestra is a 501C3 Non-Profit California Corporation. Fed ID 74-3223842

For more information on supporting the Pops, please contact: (650) 856-8432


Planned Giving

Planned gifts are the strategic support that allows the California Pops to plan longer term and grow with confidence in the future. Some supporters have chosen to include the Pops in their family's foundation. Others prefer to support the Pops long-term through their estates or gifts of real estate.

However you choose to support the California Pops know that everyone involved, from Kim and Alicia to all the musicians and volunteers, thank you from the bottom of their heart for sharing our dream and helping to make it all possible.

Call us at (650) 856-8432 to discuss how Planned Giving can fit your plans.

Corporate Sponsorship

The Pops: An innovative way to show your support of the Community.

The Pops: Get your employees out to have some fun!!!

The Pops: A creative marketing adventure for introducing new products!

At the $10,000+ level, participating companies receive a variety of benefits in appreciation for your support. These include:

  • VIP priority for all season tickets and single tickets.
  • Donor recognition from widespread media exposure including program, posters and creative advertisement releases.
  • Discounted tickets for your employees plus a great way to entertain clients at the Pops.
  • VIP Invitations to concerts.
  • VIP dinners hosted by Pops' Board members.
  • Group Seating

For more information about Corporate Sponsorship please contact:
Alicia at (650) 856-8432

Volunteers are welcome!

Join the Volunteer Team, whose talent, time, energy and care about music is the backbone to the California Pops Orchestra. The Volunteer Team offers opportunities to be involved in many varied projects and Pops staff including:

  • Audience Relations, Ushering, Ticket Taking and Senior center coordination Community and Senior Activities Coordinator
  • Education
  • Fundraising
  • Service to Orchestra and Management
  • Rehearsal setup and refreshments
  • Volunteer Operations
  • Assist with mailings
  • Stage and lobby setup and presentation

Volunteer Team members are expected to participate in at least one area.

Volunteer Members are encouraged to:

  • Attend business meetings.
  • Familiarize themselves with procedures, and projects.
  • Become subscribers and supporters of the California Pops Orchestra.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • A free ticket to the show
  • Volunteers with seniority with perfect annual attendance receive 1st choice on show date assignments and position.
  • When possible the volunteers and musicians are included in the invites to the Pops family picnic or dinner.
  • As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation your mileage when working for the California Pops Orchestra is tax deductible.

For more volunteer information contact: (650)856-8432 or email:

California Pops Orchestra - 3790 El Camino Real, Mail Suite 341 - Palo Alto, California 94306 - Phone: (650) 856-8432