Theater Directions- Getting There, ADA Shuttles, Parking and Other Visitor Information
Smithwick Theatre

Smithwick Theatre, Foothill College, 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills, CA

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    From Morgan Hill/South San Jose/Los Gatos/Saratoga:
  • Take 101 North to I280 North
  • Exit South El Monte Road/Moody Rd go approx .7 miles
  • Foothill College is on the right. Enter using Perimeter/Campus Loop Road.
  • Park in Lots 5 or 6
  • Follow the Foot paths signs to Smithwick Theater
    From Santa Cruz:
  • Take 17 North (San Jose/Oakland)
  • Take 85 N (Mountain View)
  • Take 280 N (San Francisco)
  • Exit South El Monte Road/Moody Rd go west approx .7 miles
  • Foothill College is on the right. Enter using Perimeter/Campus Loop Road.
  • Drive right around the campus to the west side.
  • Park in Lots 5 or 6
  • Follow the Foot paths signs to Smithwick Theater
    From Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View:
  • Take 280 South (San Jose) towards Los Altos Hills.
  • Exit South El Monte Road/Moody Rd go west approx .7 miles
  • Foothill College is on the right. Enter using Perimeter/Campus Loop Road.
  • Drive right around the campus to the west side.
  • Park in Lots 5 or 6
  • Follow the Foot paths signs to Smithwick Theater
Theater Information
  • Seats 940 on the Orchestra floor.
  • Restrooms outside. Womens on west side of the theater with men's on the east side. Additional bathrooms are open at the building across the theatre patio.
  • While limited to 4 wheelchair seats there is plenty of Handicap parking slots in Lot 5.
  • Special "drop off" area for those coming by buses or need special wheelchair/handicap (no step) access leading directly to the theatre entrance.
  • Please- No flash cameras, video or audio recording devises allowed.

Parking Information
There are 2 FREE parking areas for the California Pops patrons-lots 5 & 6 on the west end of Foothill campus. See the below campus map. Lot 5 is level - no hills with approximately 300 spaces, several handicap spaces and great flat path without stairs to Smithwick Theater. Lot 6 has a path that starts with a 30-40 pace incline. Click here for a 1.6mb PDF directions, campus map with satellite view and parking information.

Free ADA-Equipped Shuttle Bus

Great news! the California Pops is providing 2 FREE ADA equipped shuttle buses from parking lots 5 & 6 only that will drop off patrons near Smithwick Theater. For Shuttles, wait at the Pops' "Shuttle sign" near the main path entrance from lots 5 & 6. The bus should return approx every 10 minutes. The buses seat 18-22 people. Seating priority: ADA disabled patrons and, if available, others are welcome. Click here for the Shuttle route map and parking information (717 kb PDF).

Location: Lots 5 & 6 to Theater.
Shuttle operation times: Sunday Apr 3rd 2-3pm & 5-6pm.
Theater drop-off location: Administration Bldg #1900 near Theater Patio.

The shuttles are a large expense. We hope that folks help fund the shuttles so they will be available for future shows.

Groups Bus Drop-Off Zone and Parking Details

Buses may unload passengers behind the campus center using the utility road. This utility road is narrow and is the Fire, Police & Emergency access to Smithwick Theater and the Campus. For safety, 3 officers will control the "Drop Off Zone" guiding buses up and down that road. Parking is not allowed- No exceptions. After dropping off your folks at the theater, buses must park in lot 3, the easiest & largest parking area on the north side of the campus. Warning: In lot 3 buses CAN NOT drive under the solar panels. You will hit them if attempting to go under the panels.

Click here for Bus route map and bus instructions to the theater drop-off area and parking (717 kb PDF).

Group coordinators will receive a detailed map with photos of the drop off area.

Foothill/CA Pops Campus map incs Bus, shuttle & Drop off details- 2nd pg of

Smithwick Theater - Foothill College Camp Map & Sunday Bus & ADA drop off info.

Visitor Information

Arrival Times

CPO's shows start at 3:00pm. Will Call and the Box office open at 2pm. Theater doors open a half hour before the show.

Access Information for Patrons with Disabilities

Foothill College's Smithwick Theater is fully accessible. Best Handicap parking is in Lot 5 and has a clear path without stairs to the theater . The Pops also runs 2 ADA equipped (with W/C lift) shuttle buses will pickup in parking Lot 5 & 6 and drop you off near the theater. The 2 buses operate between 2 & 3pm and 5 & 6 pm.

There is limited wheelchair seating. Those sitting in the rear section enter the theater from the front doors. Those sitting in the front section enter from the east or west side doors. Those with walkers will need to have their name or a clear identifier on the walker. Once seated the attending usher will place the walker in the walker storage area and return it upon request.


There is no dress code for the California Pops Orchestra. Patrons generally wear business or casual clothing with comfortable shoes. We recommend layers incase it does get a little cool at times. During Christmas time we welcome fun holiday attire (Santa & elf hats, rudolfe noses etc). When there is a special occasions you can dress up especially for the season Opening at the Pops. Also for the Big Band show folks have come in Deco era attire adding to the spirit of the 30's & 40's.

Late Seating Policy

If you arrive late please do not enter the dark theatre. An usher is nearby to assist you. Late seating will take place during the first convenient pause in the program. Ushers will have you temporarily sit or stand in the back of the theater until a break in the music. At that time ushers will assist you to your reserved seats.


Children are always welcome to concerts and on special occasion can be invited to join musicians on stage. However, audience and orchestra members appreciate that parents or chaperones take a "time out" to care for their children so to not disrupt other guests. If necessary, please temporarily excuse yourself to the lobby or patio with the child to provide immediate attention, guidance and a little playtime.

Cellphones, Pagers and Other Electronic Devices

The California Pops Concerts is in a "Cell-Free Zone." For the comfort of others, please switch to silent or the quiet vibrate mode all cell phones, beepers, watches, electronic organizers, and other noise-alarm devices upon entering the theatre's seating area. Please attend to your pages in the lobby area.

Cameras/Recording Equipment

Camera and recording equipment are prohibited in the theater during concerts.

Food and Drink in the Theater

Bottled water is fine in the theater. No food or other drink is permitted in the lobby or theater.


Smoking is prohibited in the theater. There are many locations outside for smoking during intermission.

Privacy & Security

We respect your privacy. Your information is not shared with any organization not affiliated with the California Pops Orchestra organization. If at any time you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please contact us at

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Tix is Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS) Level 1 Certified, which is the highest (most secure) level of certification available from the Payment Card Industry. To read more details on Tix security measures click here ( When purchasing tickets on the CPO website the link "to purchase tickets online" automatically links you to the secured website. The California Pops ticket office handles all phone orders at (650) 856-8432 using CPO's & tight security.

Reminder that Online Ticket purchasers should securely and confidentially maintain their user ID and password. Password access simplifies and saves you time when purchasing future tickets plus allows you to update or change your personal information such as ticket mailing address.


The California Pops Orchestra is an independent Non-Profit Corporation promoting performing arts and music education. The Pops has no affiliation with or positions on policies of the facilities we rent.

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